The Young Fables have had so much fun on the Ty Bentli Show, that we are beginning to consider NASH FM our second home! The staff feels like family and we are blessed to have their support of The Young Fables.

We have had the great honor of a regular feature on the TEN MINUTE TUNE segment. THE RULES: We arrive in the studio and Ty answers random calls from listeners proposing subjects for a song. We are given only TEN MINUTES to write and rehearse the song before returning to perform LIVE ON AIR to the entire country! We used to feel pretty nervous about that, but we believe we're starting to get the hang of it.

In fact, we have been receiving so many requests for the tunes we've written that we've decided to publish a playlist to Soundcloud. Now you can listen to all of our performances in ONE PLACE!

Thanks to you and NASH FM for all of your continued support. ENJOY! 

You can find out more about when we'll be performing on America's Morning Show next by following us on social media, joining our mailing list or staying up to date with the LIVE section of our site!