Better Hand

You love her like I want you to love me
I could try real hard or I could just let it be
She's got your heart, I've got your hand
Maybe I misunderstand
I'm drowning in what might not ever be

But in life sometimes you just can't have it all
Try to stand up straight but all I do is fall
Fall for you, why do I do it?
This is a game that's made for losin'
When my cards are on the table and she's got a better hand

It's fun tryin' to figure it all out
But there's been times when I wanna scream so loud
My feelings layin' in the dirt cause
I can't stand the thought of her having you first

I might overthink the situation
Oh but I, baby I, get tired of waitin'
She can't see what she has and
I just need one chance to change your mind


I'm gettin a little tired of every day life
It's all the same, wake up and work this nine to five
Then I come home just to do it again
Wondering if it'll ever end or if I can get away
So baby why don't you lay here with me?
We don't have to talk, we don't have to sleep
Sometimes words are best left unsaid
We can converse in this bed, whatcha think?

I wanna be anywhere I can be yours
Know every inch of you then learn a little more
Build a place we can revive
And have our own little piece of paradise

If heaven is anywhere but here I don't wanna go
I'd think I was looking at an angel if I didn't know better
They say the grass is much greener on the other side
But right now it's looking pretty fine to me



If you change your mind, I'll still be right here
With arms open wide and a love that won't ever disappear
I'll grip tight and hang on as long as you let me
Offer everything I've got and hope it's everything that you'll ever need

I'm waiting, I know you're chasing something that you don't know
I can be impatient but baby you're just one thing I won't let go
No rush, this is right where I'll be, til you love me completely

Go ahead, give me all that money could buy
No amount of material things could compare to that smile
They say the best things in life come free
There ain't no way in hell there'd ever be enough to show what you mean to me

Need you to need me and hold me when the days are long
Kisses so sweetly, fallin deeply in love with the man that you are



Take me back to September to the first time that you kissed my lips
My hands were shaking and my heart was beating fast against your chest
From that moment on you had every bit of me that I had left
How could I forget?

Every day I'll learn to love you better
Every night I promise to kiss you more
When in this life nothing else seems to matter
I hope you remember that you are mine and I am yours

Take me back to the first time we made love in that queen size bed
You didn't have to say a word for anything to be said
I'd been there once or twice before but this was nothing like the rest
How could I forget?



I drove up that old county road to the place where I'm from
Just to bring back memories that I made when I's young
I looked over across the creek at the church on the hill
The graveyard where all my kin sleep, so quiet and so still

From the rush of the people in the big city lights
I come back to the old home place where I played as a child
Not cluttered by tall buildings or hurried by time
I close my eyes and go back to the days that could only be mine

A swing on the porch and a sweet scent in the air
There's an old man inside who sits in a rocking chair
Oh, he taught me to love and work hard for what I want
Get out of this town but remember where you are from



Got everything packed hangin' from strings on my back, two shoes on my feet
Not a care in the world, just a small town girl who dances to her own beat
Nuthin' on my mind but a good time, ain't got time to be held up
Till a boy comes along with the sweetest song
And in no time at all, here comes love

How can we lose, when it's me and you?
Ooh, I never knew it'd be so much better with two

We ain't got much but this pickup truck will take us where we need to go
Stations we passed but no money for gas
I'd be okay with runnin' out on the side of the road

We're just two nobody's livin' in this big hell of place
But with your hand in mine it'll be just fine
ain't nothin that I couldn't face



It ain't always gonna go your way
When you want it to shine, well, sometimes it's gonna rain
Some days it'll pour and some days it'll fade
How in the hell can you smile when all you feel is pain?

It's like you're laying on the tracks with ropes tied to your feet
You wanna close your eyes so you don't have to see
And nobody is there to give you a hand
Oh good God have mercy on me
If you're watching up there then
How does it manage to stab me in the back before I even know it?
I guess life can't always be a bed of roses

When you can't have the boy you want
No, it don't feel good and it hurts much worse than you thought
You're on the bottom thinking all this time you're on top
Crying cause you gave him everything that you've got



I've only seen you in pictures with your long dark hair
With your lips on his face, complete love in your stare
Right now I need you to know just how lucky you are
To have a man that lights up in a room that's dark

He's so close to me but he's so far
I wanna be the one he holds, know what it feels like in his arms
You think you know what you got, but baby I do
Oh, cause darlin', oh darlin', I love him too

So simple and perfect
I try and fight it every day
But you make it all so worth it
So I'll just beg you to stay



Nothing hurts worse than the morning after
Than what I did the night before
Waking up too late beside a stranger
I found the attention I was looking for

A headache and an unfamiliar tee shirt
I see in the mirror on the wall
Aw, what in the hell was I thinking?
Now a day's I don't use my head at all

I thought just one drink would make it all better
Make me forget the things I don't want to remember
But I'm just lying to myself and trying to cover all this hurt
It only makes it worse

Raised up by a bad example
Who tried to teach me right from wrong?
Now all I know how to do is ramble
Put my feelings in an old sad song

Daddy never cared and momma never listened
Only heard what she wanted to hear
All their worries rolled up in the kitchen
They'd smoke it all til they disappeared

I thought just one hit would make it all better
Make me forget the things I don't want to remember
But I'm just lying to myself and trying to cover all this hurt
It only makes it worse



You live and you learn, a penny saved is a penny earned
But nothing in life comes free
You borrow and save and yet your bills still ain't paid
No one said it was easy

Just trying to get by, one day at a time
But shit just gets in the way
Your car's broken down and there's no food in the house
And nothing could make this okay
You're drowning yourself in nothing but love
that just isn't enough

You got it all figured out with the cutest boy in town
And nothing in this world could separate
No choice to inform him and he left you this morning
When he found out that you were two weeks late

Just trying to get by, one day at a time
But shit just gets in the way
You got the same last name and a baby to change
And nothing could make this okay
You're drowning yourself in nothing but love
that just isn't enough

You can't win for losin but maybe that's just me
So sick of the lifestyle I'm not even choosing
So tired of the same routine



You ever been in the kind of love that you can't fight?
There's too many you can't count the reasons why
The whole universe could change as long as they're by your side

Autumn leaves fade fast
Summer heat won't last
Winter snow will leave you feeling blue
But I want a lifetime with you

It's overwhelming if you stop to think
It's all gone if you take one second to blink
You'll grow old and I will too
And we'll win less than we'll lose

A hundred years or it might be fifty
You don't know how long you got but you got me
Time outlives us all even when we're feeling strong