TYF opens benefit with Rascal Flatts' Gary Levox

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The Young Fables will open a benefit concert at The Wild Horse Saloon May 24th, 2018. Proceeds from the show will go towards Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts will headline the night and special appearances will include Walker Mcguire, Waterloo Revival, Taylor Phillips and Josh Melton. A writer's round will feature Tom Ritchie, Erin Grand, John Gurney and JB Crockett.

The Young Fables will be appearing as a 5 piece band. In addition to Laurel and Wes the stage will welcome stand up Bass player Vickie Vaughn, Drummer/Percussionist Chris Benelli and utility player Jimmy Stewart. This will be the first full band appearance by TYF in Nashville since their SOLD OUT record release at The City Winery on March 27th.




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The Young Fables have been asked to perform a private showcase at one of the world's most significant music heritage sites, Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium.

The show will mark singer Laurel Wright's second trip to the big stage. The popular vocalist received the opportunity to play at The Ryman when she was just 16 years old, a perk that arrived courtesy of winning the Texaco Country Showdown. The competition is America's largest country music talent showcase. 

Unfortunately, the event is closed to the public, but you can catch Laurel and Wes on March 27th at The City Winery where they will unviel their highly anticipated record "Old Songs".  Tickets

THE YOUNG FABLES open for Josh Turner at TN STATE FAIR


The Young Fables delivered a special performance to onlookers attending the TN STATE FAIR as they supported low voiced country legend Josh Turner. 


The Young Fables have joined forces with the world's leading cosmetic company MAC. Laurel Wright is a long time fan of the makeup giant and the premiere products they promote. 

M·A·C is the world’s leading professional makeup authority because of our unrivalled expertise in makeup ARTISTRY. They celebrate diversity and INDIVIDUALITY – they are for All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. M·A·C is a proud COMMUNITY of professional makeup artists working together to bring their vision to life. The makeup giant is at the forefront of fashion TRENDSETTING, collaborating with leading talents from fashion, art and popular culture. Our Artists create trends backstage at fashion weeks around the world. M·A·C believes in SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, with initiatives such as VIVA GLAM and the M·A·C AIDS Fund at the heart and soul of their unique culture.


The Young Fables partnered with CMT to deliver the exclusive premiere of their official music video “Completely” in February of 2017. Filmed and produced in Nashville, TN by Hope Tree Entertainment, the video highlights the powerful patience of true love.

Crooning “I’m waiting / I know you’re chasing / Something that you don’t know / I can be impatient / But, Baby / You’re just one thing I won’t let go / No rush / This is right where I’ll be / Until you love me completely”, singer Laurel Wright strolls amidst the hustle and bustle of Broadway. Eyes fixed on the camera and seemingly disinterested in the swirling celebration around her, Laurel displays focus, while counterpart vocalist and guitarist Wesley Lunsford observes the distractions at hand. Eventually, the two musicians meet one another in the middle (fittingly at the doorstep of Tootsies Orchid Lounge - site of an early and noteworthy collaboration from the duo) culminating in a romantic and intimate moment, chock full of circling camera edits and the trade of an authentic gaze fit for Disney.

Leading actress Cassie McCown, kicks off the video’s storyline when she discovers the magical setting of Goorin Bros hat shop, while window-shopping in the neighborhood. Playing on the age old idiom “trying on all the hats”, Cassie auditions the vast collection of headwear, frustrated with the fruitless and uninspiring results. It is only when she ultimately discovers the comfortable, yet misplaced, news-boy hat of the leading actor, does she experience her “Goldilocks” moment. The verse of the video bares witness to the inner struggles of leading actor Gabriel Hooker, as he tends to the speakeasy bar AMARI, donning the grey cap. Drawing strong parallels to the lyrical message, Cassie reluctantly sets down the champion hat with a smile and turns fate over to the hands of the universe.

The treatment clearly illustrates the tumultuous nature of unrequited love and the difficult lesson that "timing" may be the most significant ingredient in the genesis of a potential relationship.

Directed by Patryk Larney (Hope Tree Entertainment) and captured by DP Stephen Byrum of Youngblood Films, the video seems to jump off the screen with fresh imagery and thought provoking substance.

Hair and Makeup was provided by Chrissy Yoder of I Can Make You Blush and wardrobe was carefully curated by celebrity stylist Payton Dale of The Payton Project. Wesley Lunsford wears an antique western bow tie laced with rhinestones from a classic cowboy era. Laurel Wright’s dress, originally designed for Lady GaGa’s “Joanne” tour reflects a classic country style while airing a modern flair with sheer sleeves.


- Reference, Hope Tree Entertainment